Crib 5 Mattress 1

Crib 5 Mattress



  • 12.5 Gauge Bonnell Spring Unit
  • 100 % non porous Fabric
  • Source 5 Fillings
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Product Description

Our Crib Source 5 Fillings mattress in permeable material contains tiny pores, which allow the mattress to breathe effectively. The bed includes 12.5 gauge bonnell springs unit with frame wire and source 5 fillings, which are delicately wrapped up in 100% non porous fabric. Its cover is completely waterproof as well as breathable, which dispels moisture and allows air to circulate, so you will not end up getting hot and will stay fresh and dry during the night.  The mattress is fully anti stain, very easy to clean and eliminates any microorganism and dust mites’ growth.

The mattress has a highly supportive sleeping surface, which counters to your every moment and provides you a comfortable sleeping position no matter what side you sleep on. This mattress is ideal for nursing care homes and students accommodations. Moreover, the mattress is fully turn-able, which helps to even out the wear and tear over the years.


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