Peridot Mattress


Firmness: 3 out of 5



The Peridot is an addition to the Rêve range due to its popularity with our customers. The comforting and supporting layers of this mattress are wrapped in a beautiful forest green bordered zipped cover, which is complimented by the plush, soft touch and stretch fabric. In its construction the Peridot contains visco elastic memory foam above a Reflex foam base. The memory foam moulds to all your curves supporting every part of your body in contact with the mattress, whilst the reflex foam base works to support your body to keep your spine and body aligned, taking off pressure from muscles and joints, helping you achieve a good sleep.

Firmness: 3 out of 5


  • 175mm Reflex Foam
  • 75mm Memory Foam Temperature Sensitive
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Zipped cover

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Single 3FT, Double 4FT 6", Kingsize 5FT, Super Kingsize 6FT


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