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Bedrush Luxury Divan Beds UK

Bedrush is based in Yorkshire. We have over 25 years of specialist experience in the manufacture and supply of high-quality Luxury Divan Beds UK, mattresses and furnishings. We pride ourselves in the care we take of our customers as we really do believe in putting you, our valued customer, first every time.
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Our mission is to offer a consistent and reliable product (Luxury Divan Beds UK, Divan Bases, Headboards, and Mattresses). Our growing reputation in the industry confirms our dedication to quality and professional service. Satisfied Customers throughout the nation have taken comfort in our commitment and dedication in providing a superb product along with excellent levels of customer service. The raw materials we use are only sourced from the market leaders in their own field. Our timber is from sustainable forests. Our suppliers kiln dry and plane the timber before it is delivered to us.

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