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Did you ever dream of sleeping on a cloud? However, we cannot convert clouds into your beds, but we have the second-best option for you. So we have a double mattress sale. Our mattresses are designe much softer than deep-quilty beds. Therefore, this mattress is the softest option in the market. So this mattress has the ultimate luxury comfort. Therefore, it brings the feel of a hotel bed to your living space. This is the dream mattress, most favourite by the likes of Premier Inn and Travelodge. Likewise, our Double mattress sale provides an extravagantly soft supportive cushion on top of nested pocket springs. So this extraordinary combination of care and relaxation separate the double pillow top mattress from the rest of the pack, creating a soft and flexible sleeping surface.


At Bedrush, we have an affordable luxury mattress. Pocket sprung mattress the best side sleeper in a wide range of sizes and styles. Whether you are searching for a super king pocket sprung pillow top mattresses or a single pocket sprung pillow-top mattresses. You will find the top-secret of nighttime relaxation in our top valued collection.


There is a reason why pillow top Sprung mattresses is a high-quality luxury mattress. Firstly, As a review by many, it has cloud-like qualities. The pillowtop is the core mattress type that is use by hotels. Basically, the pillow top design includes a springy interior combine with an expanded top layer which is both helpful and highly relaxed. Secondly, Our affordable luxury mattress can compare to orthopaedic mattresses in the additional support they provide.

From memory foam pillowtop to rubber and wool constructions. All mattress types are available within our range, including Gelded, pocket sprung and many more. Similarly, there is a full range of mattress control levels to choose from, allowing you to pull the exact amount of cushion provided by the pillow-top mattresses.

Pillow tops are most regularly found on standard spring-based mattresses, as well as some airbeds. These no-turn mattresses span a wide range of materials, forming a wide range due to this finding a mattress is much easier which perfectly fits your needs.


There are many reasons why anyone should pick pillow-top mattresses. This high-quality luxury mattress is an attractive option for anyone looking for the finest mattress on the market.

A primary difference between pillow top and memory foam mattresses are just how much weight is place on moulding to the body shape. A pillow-top mattress takes the perfect approach, softly gripping body weight without reducing too deeply, suppressing the user. This is an unbelievably relax mattress for couples and single sleepers alike. Therefore, this mattress will reduce your needless night sleep.

Similarly, this mattress is the best option for those who have back pain problems. The cushion support offered by the flexible material is an effective pressure reliever, distributing weight equally to ease the strain on key joints in the body. A firm pillow-top mattress can easily improve sleep quality significantly.


This high-quality luxury mattress has a long life, providing you best comfort for nearly 7 to 10 years. Because of the high quality of our pillow mattress range and with the right amount of care and regular cleaning, the lifetime of our mattress can be extended even further.

The exact lifetime of these mattresses can also vary dependent on the materials used for their pillow. With wool and cotton carrying a longer lifetime than certain types of foam and memory foam. To confirm that you are truly making the most out of your pillowtop bed mattress, our mattress protectors shields help to maintain a fresh and healthy sleeping environment.


A pillowtop mattress gives you a good night’s sleep to all sleeping position due to its flexible mattress style. This mattress prevents the user from placing too much pressure on their neck, hips and shoulders. That’s why a pillow top is the best option for side sleepers. This mattress will provide you pain relief and ideal relaxation for quality of sleep.

A pillowtop bed with a comfortable pillow is the best option to enhance your sleep, whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper. Get your luxurious mattress by browsing our luxurious mattress sale.


At Bedrush we have an affordable luxury mattress of all shapes and sizes. We have a mattress from king size pillow tops to kid’s mattresses. This will add a touch of luxury to any living space. If you are looking for a low price double mattress sale to release your back pain, then our pillow top mattress sale at an affordable price is the best option for you.

At Bedrush we are offering a minimum guarantee of 12 months on the double mattress sale. Many models also offering an extended 5-month warranty. To make the deal better, we are also offering a Free delivery within all UK Mainland. So what are you waiting for? Trust the mattress experts and find the best pillow top bed mattress at our mattress sale.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]