How to make a wooden bed frame with storage

A wooden bed frame with storage is not only a lovely and attractive piece of furniture that can improve the overall appearance of your bedroom, but it is also a useful and practical addition. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make your own wooden bed frame with storage if you enjoy DIY projects and want to save money on a new bed frame. So gather your equipment and prepare for this fascinating woodworking excursion!

Prepare and Compile Materials

It’s crucial to have a well-thought-out plan and acquire all the required supplies before you begin building. Choose the bed frame’s proportions, keeping in mind the size of your mattress and the space you have available.

Measure the wood and cut it

When you have all of your supplies, carefully determine the size of the bed frame you want to use and mark the wood pieces accordingly. Don’t forget to take into consideration the storage spaces, side rails, headboard, and footboard. To ensure equal and smooth edges, cut the wood precisely with a saw.

Put together the bed frame

With the headboard, footboard, and side rails in place, start putting the bed frame together. Use screws to firmly fasten the parts together after pre-drilling holes in the wood to prevent breaking. To confirm that the frame is absolutely square and robust, use a level to double-check each junction.

Build the Storage Drawers

 The storage underneath this DIY bed frame is its standout feature. Build drawers that open and close easily for this. Wooden parts for the drawer fronts, backs, and sides were measured and cut. For simple movement, choose metal or wooden drawer slides. To add a final touch, assemble the drawers and fix the handles or knobs.

Sand and Finish

 After assembling the bed frame and storage drawers, smooth out any sharp edges or splinters on all the surfaces. Choose a paint or stain for the wood finish that complements the style of your bedroom. After uniformly applying the finish, let it dry between coats before adding the next. This action not only improves the aesthetics of the bed frame but also safeguards

Install the Slats in Place

Include wooden slats across the bed frame’s width to support the mattress. For proper support, make sure the slats are placed equally. You can use plywood or solid wood slats, depending on your preferences. This will guarantee that the mattress is secure and comfortable.

Put the Bed Together

Now that the storage drawers and slats are in place, it’s time to put the entire bed frame together. Make sure the mattress is levelly positioned on top of the slats. To make your bed frame more unique, attach any extra parts, such as a headboard shelf or decorative embellishments.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Your wooden bed frame with storage is now complete, but it still needs to be looked after if you want to make sure it lasts. Regular upkeep will help protect the wood’s beauty and stave off any potential problems. The following advice will help you take good care of your homemade bed frame:

a. Cleaning

To get rid of any filth or debris, frequently dust and clean your bed frame with a soft cloth or a duster. Avoid using abrasive chemical cleaners since they could harm the finish of the wood. Instead, choose water and a mild soap solution for delicate cleaning.

b. Keep Wood Dry and Out of the Sun

Wood is sensitive to humidity changes and extended exposure to the sun. To avoid fading and warping, keep your bed frame away from windows and places with high sunshine. To avoid water rings on the wood, avoid setting mugs or glasses directly on it.

c. Examine Your Bed Frame for Loose Screws and Joints

Regularly check your bed frame’s screws and joints to make sure they’re snug and secure. The expansion and contraction of the wood over time may cause some connections to become loose. To keep the frame’s stability, tighten any slack screws right away.

Apply a silicone-based lubricant to the drawer slides if your storage drawers start to feel sticky or difficult to open and close. Due to this


Congratulations! Your homemade wooden bed frame with functional storage compartments was a success. You can save money by completing this DIY project yourself, and it also provides you the joy of making something useful and lovely. Now that you have added adequate storage, your bedroom will exude warmth and style. Don’t forget to showcase your craftsmanship, and you can also change the design to fit your personal preferences. Enjoy peaceful nights in your own wooden bed frame and take pride in the amazing project you completed.

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1. How difficult is it to make a wooden bed frame with storage yourself?

Depending on your woodworking expertise and experience, building a wooden bed frame with storage can range from a moderate to complex DIY job. For the majority of fans, it is doable with the correct equipment, resources, and well-thought-out approach. Before trying this project, you must have some prior knowledge of carpentry and woodworking methods.

2. How much lumber and other supplies will I need to create a bed frame with storage?

You’ll need common woodworking tools like a saw, drill, measuring tape, level, and screwdrivers to create a wooden bed frame with storage. To finish the project, you’ll also need premium wood, screws, nails, drawer slides, and a finish (stain or paint).

3. Can the bed frame’s measurements be changed to match my mattress?

Absolutely! A DIY project’s capacity to be tailored to your unique requirements and tastes is one of its advantages. To fit your mattress size and the space in your bedroom that is available, you can modify the bed frame’s measurements.

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