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Is It Healthier To Sleep With a Headboard?

If you are unsure about using a headboard with your bed. We are here to answer your question in detail. Our bed is where we sleep after a long hectic day. Quality sleep makes us feel relaxed the next morning, enabling us to perform daily tasks. When your bed lacks a headboard, you may experience problems while sleeping. Poor sleep can cause muscle fatigue, soreness and mental stress. Which can result in lowering your energy levels.

This article discusses the health-related advantages of having a bed with a headboard.

Benefits of sleeping with a headboard

Headboards offer a cozy ambiance in your bedrooms. They complete your bed look along with enhancing your comfort levels. Here we will list down the health-related advantages of using headboards while sleeping.

Prevents your Pillow from slipping

After working 8 hours a day, you would want a relaxing sleep. However, beds without headboards only cause frustration. When you lay down with your head over the pillow, it will slip down over the floor. Its because your pillow needs proper support to remain sturdy. The absence of headboards will result in dropping the pillow down, causing frustration for you.

Headboards ensure your pillow remains beneath your head the entire night. As a result, you will have a satisfying sleep and wake up energized in the morning.

Cushions your back

Old-age individuals and pregnant women need proper back support. Sitting down on a bed lacking a headboard can result in further problems. When you sit over a bed with headboard your back gets instant support. Besides, headboards come with soft comfortable fabric that makes you feel satisfied every time you lay down for a power nap.

Regulates room temperature

A prime benefit of using headboards is the regulation of your room temperature, especially in colder weather where the room temperature remains cooler than usual. Headboard is designed to add an insulation layer to regulate the room temperature. Allowing everyone to enjoy a comfortable sleep at a moderate temperature.

A relaxing sleep results in countless health-related advantages. For instance, it raises energy levels, improving overall job performance. Moreover, proper sleep improves your overall mood, resulting in a happier life.

Reduces neck and back pain

When you sleep over a pillow, your head and neck need appropriate support. A bed without a headboard will not let your pillow remain still. Therefore, you may experience irritation while sleeping. Moreover, it is suitable for people dealing with back pain for a long time. Its headboard offers perfect support to your spine, reducing your pain quickly.


Having a bed without a headboard does not matter to everyone. You should consider buying one for yourself when your health is at stake. There are three different types of headboards.

Wall Mounted: if you visit a hotel, you may find that headboards are attached over the wall rather than a bed. These kinds of headboards are popular with people who want to enhance their room décor with a little effort.

Freestanding: contrary to the wall-mounted headboards, these freestanding boards don’t need any support. As the name suggests, these headboards stand on their own. Usually, people like having it away from the bed. Free-standing headboards often come with fitted shelves.

Frame Mounted: Also known as user-friendly headboard, anyone can easily set up without external assistance.  Most storage and divan beds come with pre-drilled holes covered with fabric for adding a headboard later.


Above are the different types of headboards from which you can select one for your bed. The choice also depends on your expectations as some people like having lush looking beds. While others want to improve their comfort level. Therefore, you can select one as per your own desires and satisfy yourself additionally, if you don’t have any idea how these things work than ask the service providers. They will send a team for you to set the entire headboard with your bed.


A quality sleep has a positive influence on our lives. Therefore, we must invest carefully while buying a bed. Besides, there are several factors we need to look out such as a mattress and headboards etc. when it comes to your back and neck support, headboards are essential. Moreover, they also improve your bed’s look. Above are the explained benefits of a headboard along with its types. You can select one for yourself.

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