Bedrush Orthopedic Divan Beds With Mattress

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Divan Bed with Orthopedic Mattress

2FT6 Orthopaedic Divan Bed “TO” 6FT Super King Size Orthopaedic Divan Bed – Divan Beds SALE UK

Bedrush orthopedic divan beds are designed to provide your body with all the necessary support whilst you sleep.

With Bedrush Orthopedic divan beds, you get extra storage to store all your bed covers, duvets, pillows, etc.

We designed an ortho divan bed with long drawer units that can be used to store sheets and pillows of your bed and seasonal bedding. You can choose from 5 options: one long foot end drawer unit and four short drawers- 2 drawers on each side.

BEDRUSH Orthopedic divan beds come with innovative storage options to keep bedding, clothes, toys and other things you want within reach for your children and you. You don’t have to move the bed and do housework because you want to change the pillows, sheets or blankets.

The bed style shown above is offered in a variety of options to suit your preferences. Specifically, this bed is available in 6 different sizes and 13 different colours.

Book your order now and get the BedRush chenille, crush velvet, and plush velvet orthopedic divan beds with mattress from a 2FT6 small single divan bed to a 6FT super king size divan bed set.

Available colours; Silver, Black, Cream, Champagne, Grey, Mink, Pink, Blue, Mustard, Steel, Brown, Charcoal and Purple.


  • 2FT6 – Small Single Divan Bed (2ft6 width x 6ft3 length)
  • 3FT – Single Divan Bed (3ft width x 6ft3 length)
  • 4FT – Small Double Divan Bed (4ft width x 6ft3 length)
  • 4FT6 – Divan Double Bed (4ft6 width x 6ft3 length)
  • 5FT – King Size Divan Bed (5ft width x 6ft6 length)

6FT – Super King Divan Bed (6ft width x 6ft6 length)

Ortho Divan Bed Fabric Options 

    • Crush Velvet
    • Plush Velvet
    • Chenille

Mattresses available

  • CoolBlue Memory Foam Spring Mattress 10″
  • Luxury 1000 Orthopaedic Sprung Mattress
  • Pillow Top 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress


  • 26 Inch Headboard
  • 54 Inch Floor Standing Headboard

Drawer Storage

Drawer Option in 2FT6 Small Single Divan Bed & 3Ft Single Divan Bed

  • 2 Drawers Left Side
  • 2 Drawers Right Side
  • Footend 1 Drawer

Drawer Option in 4FT Small Double Divan Bed to 6FT Super King Size Divan Beds

  • 2 Drawers on right side
  • 2 Drawers on left side
  • 2 Drawers either side
  • Foot end 1 drawer
  • 4 Drawers

boyton gold divan bed

Delivery Services:

Our professional delivery staff will deliver your furniture/ Custom Size Fabric Divan Beds UK, Divan Bases, Headboard & Mattresses to your home and designated room, unpack and assemble it if required. We know how stressful moving is – so we help to make your life easier! we are an affordable and professional option for delivering any furniture


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