Why Ottoman Bed Gas Lifts Sometimes Stop Working

Why Ottoman Bed Gas Lifts Sometimes Stop Working

Ottoman beds are renowned for their unique storage functionality, offering a discreet yet spacious compartment beneath the mattress. Among the mechanisms that make this possible, the gas lift plays a pivotal role. Understanding why an ottoman bed’s gas lift might cease to function optimally is crucial for maintaining its efficiency and convenience.

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds stand out in the realm of bedroom furniture due to their innovative design. its providing ample hidden storage within the bed frame. This distinctive feature is made possible by a gas lift mechanism that facilitates effortless lifting of the bed base.

Understanding Ottoman Beds with Gas Lift Mechanisms

Why Ottoman Bed Gas Lifts Sometimes Stop Working

What Makes Ottoman Beds Different?

Unlike traditional bed frames, ottoman beds utilize a hydraulic gas lift system to raise the bed base, revealing a storage compartment beneath. This unique design maximizes space utilization in bedrooms, offering a practical solution for storing various items without compromising aesthetics.

How Gas Lift Mechanisms Work

The gas lift mechanism relies on gas struts that assist in lifting the bed base effortlessly. These struts, filled with compressed gas, create the lifting force when activated, allowing users to access the storage compartment smoothly.

Common Issues with Ottoman Beds’ Gas Lifts

Causes of Gas Lift Malfunction

Several factors contribute to the gas lift mechanism’s malfunction. Its including overuse, wear and tear, or damage to the gas struts themselves. Additionally, improper installation or lack of maintenance could lead to operational issues.

Signs of a Faulty Gas Lift Mechanism

Identifying signs of gas lift malfunction is pivotal to address the problem promptly. Sudden difficulty in lifting the bed base, unusual noises, or uneven lifting. These are indicators that the gas lift might require attention.

Troubleshooting Gas Lift Problems

DIY Checks and Fixes

Simple checks, such as examining the gas struts for visible damage or ensuring proper alignment, can sometimes resolve minor issues. Lubricating moving parts or adjusting tension might also aid in restoring functionality.

When to Seek Professional Help

For complex issues or if DIY attempts prove ineffective, seeking professional assistance from a furniture expert or technician specializing in gas lift mechanisms is advisable. They can diagnose and rectify underlying problems accurately.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Ottoman Beds

Regularly inspecting the bed’s gas lift components and following manufacturer-recommended maintenance routines can prevent potential malfunctions. Avoiding excessive weight on the bed base and using it within specified weight limits prolongs the gas lift’s lifespan.

Maintenance AspectExplanation
Regular InspectionPeriodically check the bed’s gas lift components for signs of wear, such as leaks, squeaks, or difficulty in lifting/lowering the base.
Manufacturer’s RecommendationsAdhere to the maintenance routines suggested by the manufacturer to ensure proper functioning of the gas lift mechanism.
Weight Limit ComplianceAvoid placing excessive weight on the bed base beyond the specified weight limits provided by the manufacturer to prevent strain on the gas lift and extend its lifespan.
Proper UsageUse the ottoman bed within its intended purpose and avoid overloading or misusing the storage mechanism to prevent premature wear and tear.
LubricationApply recommended lubricants to the moving parts of the gas lift mechanism as per the manufacturer’s guidelines to maintain smooth operation.
CleaningRegularly clean the bed frame and gas lift components using a soft cloth or mild detergent to remove dust, dirt, or debris that may affect functionality.
Avoid Rough HandlingHandle the bed gently and avoid sudden or rough movements that could potentially damage the gas lift system or bed frame.
Professional Maintenance ChecksConsider scheduling professional inspections or maintenance checks periodically to ensure the gas lift mechanism is in optimal condition.

Pros and Cons of Upgrading Gas Lifts

Why Ottoman Bed Gas Lifts Sometimes Stop Working


  • Improved functionality: Upgrading gas lifts can enhance the overall performance and functionality of furniture or machinery, allowing for smoother operation or better ergonomics.
  • Enhanced durability: Newer gas lifts may be designed with improved materials or technologies, potentially offering greater durability and a longer lifespan compared to older models.
  • Increased safety: Upgrading to newer gas lifts can contribute to better safety features, reducing the risk of malfunctions or accidents.
  • Potential energy efficiency: Some upgraded gas lift models might be more energy-efficient, resulting in reduced energy consumption.


  • Cost: Upgrading gas lifts can incur expenses, including the cost of new parts, installation, and labor, which might not always be justifiable compared to the benefits gained.
  • Compatibility issues: New gas lifts might not be compatible with existing furniture or machinery, requiring modifications or additional adaptations, adding to the overall cost.


Maintaining the functionality of ottoman bed gas lifts is pivotal to enjoy the full benefits of these innovative furniture pieces. Regular inspection, proper care, and timely troubleshooting can ensure a longer lifespan for the gas lift mechanisms, enhancing the overall experience of owning an ottoman bed.
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Why is my Ottoman bed gas lift struggling to lift the base properly?

Several reasons could lead to this issue. Overuse, wear and tear of the gas struts, or improper alignment may hinder smooth operation.

Can I fix a faulty gas lift mechanism on my own?

Simple checks like examining for visible damage, ensuring proper alignment, or lubricating moving parts might solve minor issues.

How often should I maintain my Ottoman bed’s gas lift?

Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance. Periodically inspect the gas lift for signs of wear, leaks, or difficulty in lifting/lowering the base. 

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